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Phoenix chat rooms

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Finally, I catch that on the client side, where I intend to open a private channel for the two users:. And the user channel would also be responsible for starting the chat rooms, instead of using ajax. I had a demo app which used somewhat similar approach. This test illustrates how it used to work. Then we also have a chat channel which is ed with two user IDs, e.

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Phoenix chat rooms

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My age:. My address is.

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Some other possibly relevant files: chat channel user channel test Not sure how relevant it is to your use case, but might provide some ideas. Is that about right? Sorry, just want to make sure I properly understand the concept.

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Yes, I think so. We then initialize an OpenTok Publisher and point it at the publisher-div we included in the template.

OpenTok will take over that div and populate it with their viewer and controls. We then connect to rokms session with our unique token we generated on the server.

Once connected, we start publishing to the session. If this is successful, we will get back a stream id, which we can give to the server so other clients know which user is tied to which stream.

It calls this function:. Which will wait until the LiveView has updated with the new subscriber div id, and then tells OpenTok to use that div to display the new stream. You should be able to run the example repo as is with the following changes:.

Phoenix chat rooms

The key and secret will appear at the top of the project. Interested in integrating video into your web offering?

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