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Erotic messages

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Erotic messages

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What is sex? Its science with wife, its art with girlfriend, its commerce with prostitute and its social service with aunties. What's the similarity between school bell and girls hole?

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What is sex? Its science with wife, its art with girlfriend, its commerce with prostitute and its social service with aunties. What's the similarity between school bell and girls hole? When you hit any of these, children come out. Boy: aunty why was uncle eroitc on you last night? Aunty: he was checking my temperature. Boy: did he get it right? I saw the thermometer leaking. What is the difference between a cricketer and condom? A cricketer drops the erootic and a condom catches the drops.

Man: I divorced my wife on the first night. Friend: why?

Man: I saw the label on her panties "tested ok". Who is a true music lover?

1) Set the mood.

Ans: a girl is singing in a bathroom while taking bath and a boy near the keyhole is using his ears and not his eyes. Man with no sex organ used a vibrator for years one day wife caught and asked: how dare you cheat me? Man: I will explain about the toy, can you explain about. How to tell your girlfriend if you are going to urine during dinner?

Dear, I've to shake hands with a close friend whom I am going to introduce you later. Dad brought a robot which slaps a person who lies.

Erotic messages

Dad: son, where were you? Son: School, robot slap. Son: film. Dad- which one? Son: sai baba, robot slap again. Son: "A" film Dad: what? I have not seen reotic films, robot slaps dad. Mom: forgive him dear after all he is your son, robot slaps mom. A few quotes on girls t-shirt: there s a face above this, don't forget.

Object here appear bigger than they are. I made you look at it. F ck all that is missing is u. Don't try to find sun here, its not mountain. This one is really tough for Edmund Hillary.

An innocent man watching blue erotic messages for the first time after marriage and see his own wife in it. A guy and girl had sex poem erotif. Guy: two times two is four, hour plus five is nine, I can put mine in yours, but you can't put yours in mine. Girl: two times two is four, hour plus five is nine, I know the length of yours but you will never know the depth of mine. Prof: to keep your character good, think every woman as your mother. Student: but thinking every woman as my mother will make my fathers character bad.

Girl: my right leg is lunch and left leg measages dinner, what you will like to have? Boy: I would like to have snacks between lunch and dinner. A maths professor sent a sms to his wife. Dear you are now 54 years old and unable to satisfy me. Now I am with my 18 years old female student so I will be late tonight. Wife replied: dear you're also 54 years and unable to satisfy me.

Now I am with our driver who is also 18 years. As you are mathematicians you know very well that 18 goes into 54 many times more than 54 goes into 18 so don't come tonight. Sardar was very angry messsages all jokes were about him; he asked his wife, tell me one joke without my involvement.

His wife said: I am pregnant. Wife: remove my nighty. Sardar: ok Wife: remove my bra Sardar: ok Wife: remove my panty Sardar: ok wife: never wear my dress again. Less noise: implementation of sex using while loop. Difference between good girl and bad girl. Good girl Open a few buttons in hot atmosphere, but bad girl open all button to make the atmosphere hot.

A couple having sex in bedroom asked son to stand in the balcony and keep telling them what's going on outside. Erotic messages john is buying fruits, Tina is playing and Michael uncle is ucking his wife. Dad: what? Is he doing it openly? Son: no, I haven't mrssages him but his son eroic also standing in the balcony. Teacher: why did messagse laugh?

Boy: I saw one strap of your bra. Teacher: get out of the class for 1 week. Two boys laughed, Teacher: why did you laugh: boys: I saw both straps. Teacher: get out for 1 month. She bent down to take chalk, jony started mesages out. Teacher: jony, why you are going out? Jony: what I just saw I think my school days are over. Salesgirl: sorry sir you can't smoke here.

Customer: but I bought cigarette from this shop. Salesgirl: we shall sell condom also erotic messages it doesn't mean you start fucking here. Nurse came out with a new born.

Sardar rushed to take the kid and after seeing screamed, I got son. Nurse slapped him, leave my finger you fool, it's a girl.

Erotic messages

Man charged for necrophilia judge: I haven't seen such a case in 20 years. Can you give me one reason why you did it? Man: I can give three 1. Its none of your business. She was my wife and 3.

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I don't know she was dead as he always behaved this way during sex. He was pardoned. Maid cleaning bedroom found a used condom and keeps looking egotic it. Madam asks: don't you have sex in the village? Maid: yes we do, but not till the skin fall off. Boy: how much calcium is there in woman's breast? Ertic I don't know but it has enough calcium to help man boneless things stand up.

Man1: my wife is afraid of water? Man2: how do you know? Man1: Last night when I returned medsages, she was in the bathroom tub with our security guard. A girl wearing a very short skirt. Boy: wont your mom tells anything about your dress? Girl: my mom will be very angry because I am wearing hers. Lady: my breast look smaller.

What is erotic massage?

Doctor: come daily for one hour I will suck it and make it errotic. Lady: my husband sex organ is also small, shall I bring him. Wife read a book and tells her husband, a bull ucks times a year. You don't do quarter of that. Husband: does the book say the bull ucks the same cow? Don't play with street dogs, you may get rabies and don't play with smart boys you may get babies.