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Directory chat

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Directory chat

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Without free software, we cannot and will not have a free society. Your membership fuels the voyage forward, and will help dirrctory reach our ultimate destination: full software freedom. .

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NB: Actor platform needs other modules in order to work, which is not covered by this entry.

All aboard for software freedom!

Atheism Atheism is a multi purpose Perl script for X-Chat. Its main features include auto-away functions with message logging, announcement of away reason and coming back, announcement of songs playing in XMMS on selected channels, a user-friendly interface, detailed documentation, the ability to automatically save configuration in a file, and more. AutoProfile 'AutoProfile' is an extension to Gaim that lets users create customized away messages and profiles that can include dynamic content such as fortune quotes, computer uptime, and timestamps.

The managing system handles the automatic periodic update of content text.

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Ayttm 'ayttm' is deed to become a Universal Instant Messaging client which will integrate all existing IM clients and provide a single consistent user interface. Messenger, MSN, and Jabber. It also has file transfer between 'ayttm' users, and between users of 'ayttm' ditectory users of direcctory official MSN and Yahoo!

The project was formerly know as 'EveryBuddy. It is deed with simplicity and efficiency in mind and thus utilises as little RAM and CPU time as possible in order to be friendly to multiuser systems.

Instead of having a full screen console interface, BSFlite uses a command shell interface that lets cnat type without needlessly sifting through windows. It supports most standard AIM features, except chat rooms and block lists. Babylon Babylon Java Chat is a client and server combo that allows groups to chat and draw over the Internet or local networks.

The client can be used as a stand alone Java application, or as an applet, which makes it simple to embed chat functionality in WWW documents. It features multi-colored graphics drawing ability, including freehand, lines, rectangles, ovals, and fonted text up to pts. The server will store and manage answering machine style messages for users who aren't online, and users who aren't watching their screens can be d.

In theory one server is capable of supporting any of users.

Chat Folders, Archive, Channel Stats and More

The Babylon chat server is normally operated in its GUI mode, but for convenience it can hcat be run as just a text-based application. A Persistent Chat administrator can create and manage chat room. As part of directory chat and managing chat roomthe Persistent Chat administrator can configure principals Active Directory Domain Services groups, containers, and users that have access to be members or creators of chat rooms of a particular category.

After you install Persistent Chat clientyou can add domains of users and user groups to the room category. You can then add these users and groups to the membership of your room.

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You must ensure that there are no duplicate names for users who want to make changes to their Persistent Chat room s. If duplicate user names exist, change them to different names to directory chat users from making those changes. If a user has duplicate names in Active Directory and tries to make changes in their room san error message appears prompting the user to contact the administrator for resolution. A directoryy specifies all the users and groups that can be members in a membership list of a Persistent Chat room in that category, based on its AllowedMembers property.

If you set the AllowedMembers on a category to Salesonly groups and users in this distribution list can be added as members to chat rooms in that category. Similarly, the Creators property enables you to control who can create chat rooms in that category. After the chat room is created, anyone from the AllowedMembers group can be deated as a Manager for ongoing management operations on the rooms for example, membership changes and approvals. Defining AllowedMembers and Creators directory chat a category has the following benefits:.

All chat rooms in this category are bound by the restrictions set at the category level.

Active Directory Domain Services and Persistent Chat

Directoy can use this to segregate chat rooms based on business need and access policies. A user who chah in the Creators list can create new chat rooms in that category. If you want to implement a system where a restricted directory chat personnel in the organization can create chat rooms, this control can be used to meet cat requirement. Depending on your requirements to protect business data and ensure the appropriate level of access, you may want to define one or more to specify who can search and participate in rooms.

If you want to allow only a particular set of users a central helpdesk, or only full-time employees to create rooms, you can scope the Creators of a category to satisfy that requirement. can also be used to create ethical walls.