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Chatzy chat room list

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Note: To complete the procedures in this document, you must be ased a role having the necessary permissions. To determine your role, follow the lizt in Participant roles. For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and roles: Overview. If you have sufficient permissions, you can use the Chat Room tool to add, edit, or delete chat rooms within a site.

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Also, you can choose which room lo by default when participants click Chat Room. Note: To change the room that lo by default when participants click Chat Roomin Optionsunder "Manage Rooms", find the room and click Set as Default. Adding, editing, or deleting chat rooms Note: To complete the procedures in this document, you must be ased a role having the necessary permissions.

Adult Sexting Room Sex Chat and RP 18+ - Chatzy

Adding a room To add a room: In the menubarclick Chat Room. Click Options. Click Add Room. Enter the chat room title and description in the text rokm. Use the radio buttons to select how many messages to display.

Click Update Options. Your new room will now appear under "Manage Rooms" in the list of available chat rooms. To make your new room appear by default when participants click Chat Roomclick Set as Default. I'm really saddened by this, what a shame! Internet, chat places, forums etc Even MSN can be hijacked.

We don't even know each other, would you give away you credit card to a stranger?

Chat Rooms - Why You Shouldn't Make Them - Discuss Scratch

Think about chagzy. I recall some kids on these boards giving info about themselves that could easily get them located The issue doom "fake" details will always happen with these free chatrooms. The saving of chats chatzy chat room list a concern. I don't know how that works, but I don't think it can be done on my chatroom. The only way eoom prevent this sort of thing is to have a chatroom where you have to register as a member I don't know if the same issue with saving chats exists there.

The question is, what is more important? Ease of use like the Chatzy room, or a bit more security like Yahoo? Nothing is secure on the internet and caution would be advised. I mean u can locate a persons exact whereabouts through a mobile phone. I highly doubt that someone re the stuff that people say in there. I think it has brought some boardies together and created new friendship. Although i do agree that u should never give out personal info on any type of virtual environment i would hate to see chatzy disapear.

It has helped me alot when i was homesick while working in Italy. I like chatzy it allows me to blow steam and act silly with fellow boardies. How do we know this? I thought when the room was clear Should I chatzy admin to find out? Thanks for sharing annec. Bec, I don't think admin can do much about this, people have to be careful of what they say.

Internet is a public place, and we must not forget that.

Chatzy chat room list Searching Vip Titties

Our every action that is done on a computer and on the internet can be traced if one really wanted to. Thru keystrokes if someone spoofs your computer they can actually read live what u r writting or lits it. Bf is a computer wiz and reminds me all the time about what i write online and how others can sometimes read it too. Now i dont think we should let it stop us from chatting, just be careful about what personal info we write.

Annec lisg make a good point here as always she looks out for us about how on chatzy anyone can log in using another user name. We cant always be monitoring ip adresses and myself i have used chatzy in europe and canada hence different Ip but same person. I guess we will have to lixt people and believe who they say they are. We are a good lost, i think. Use Chatzy for fun, and if you feel to need to cbat about something confidential use a more private means of communication maybe MSN with a good password.

With that said, i have not intended to offend anyone. I simply am disappointed. Thanks deblin for clearing this up i wasnt getting it ,, i couldnt figure out what was the big deal. Without offending anyone, people who gossip usually dont have anything going on for themselves. I am not on chatzy that often when i am no one else is lol It saddens me to think people have done this and perhaps hurt others.

Well I must have my head in the sand because I have never been in chatzy when there has been gossip or heard anything bad said about others - Trust me to miss out on it all! Seriously though, we must all look out rokm one another and protect ourselves, using common sense. Chatzy doesn't have a moderator therefore we should all take great care and if you discuss something with others or about others be prepared to caht it repeated.

I'm in there alone I miss the chat. Peach Rose These times Chatzy is always empty :.

I am in there now. I am surfing on another browser but, will be checking back often to see if anyone else chztzy to chat. If anyone out there is bored ,, like i am right now im on chatzy lol! I would love to get chatzy up and running again but the last fews times on there, it was running so slow.

Error: Your browser must allow scripting for Chatzy to function horny female Helen

Has that been repaired? If so, I would love to go on again! I am in Chatzy for anyone that wants to chat. Sorry I missed you Billy x, Rebecca. I would but I am pretty clueless Outta Soul. I'm talking to an aussie and a kiwi. They are they only ones crazy enough to be up at this time of the morning with me!! I am not very computer literate so if anyone has any ideas on how I can get to this chat room besides the link please let me know.

Chat Commands horny female Helen

It just won't work for me. There is a room full of people come on in! Outta if you chhatzy this please come in the room we need to chat with you with tonights events.

Me and Dianne aint odd, its you and nat who are odd! Anyways, whoever is out there I know im probably not gonna get an answer Whenever I try brng up the it says 'this cannot be displayed' bla bla bla Solutions?

Chatzy chat room list I Seek For Sex Contacts

Hiya Gorgeous Jess, I can't get into chatzy either. Says the same thing too.

Miss you girl. How was you Christmas. I saw that electric guitar you have.

Chatzy - Create & Private Chat Rooms for Free() horny female Helen

YOu look like you could rock the house down with that hehehehe Need to get into chatzy! No solutions though. I can't get beyond waiting for www. What happened to that other site affectionately known as the blue room? I guess chatzy is being a pain in the bum, thank god skype isnt dead to. And angela, I had a brilliant christmas : I havent been able to let go of the guitar, its sitting with me now, and I carry it around the house with me lost hee.

Hello chatzy chat room list Bluntites. Hope to get familiar once i suss this chat stuff out. WHats with all the adverts on chatzy? Julie Croley. Saragreen, I remimber the blue room, and I liked it better too. Nightingale and her daughters set it up. It cyatzy at some point. It "bumps" it up. Therefore, more people will see it and hopefully it will be top of mind for the members of this board. A reminder or a push for continued discussion IS any room active at the moment? I miss dropping in on some fun.

There is a admin prob with chatzy right now, I will let you all know when it is fixed. I am still having admin problems. Is anyone able to get in?