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News Archive. This contains archived news from The Appeal is still open and new leaflets will be published for awnna support the redevelopment of Boston Lodge.

WHR services are running normally but chaat reduced speed at the moment but with heavy rain and difficult road conditions including 50mph gusts for visitors. National Library of Wales searchable newspaper archive. Access is free and searchable in several ways.

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As articles are scanned, the text gext contains many miss-spellings but words can usually be inferred. See NLoW website. The latest plans for the Boston Lodge Sustainable Railway development are shown in the diagram below with new construction in red. The hehunt extends further along The Cob than currently. Going clockwise from the Erecting Shop, while the front of the building is retained as heritage, the rear has been extended and rebuilt in the past.

This will be further rebuilt and extended behind the current Loco Shed. The Loco Shed itself will be rebuilt to accommodate all the Fairlies and a new Garratt sized shed will be built alongside over the recently constructed pit. Continuing clockwise, a new Loco Shed for small locos such as qt England engines will be constructed further to the west. Works due to start this Winter aat site clearance including industrial archaeologybetter site access and drainage.

Click on the image to enlarge.

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Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi. The water levels remain high and should provide spectacular views in the Aberglaslyn Pass. The weather forecast promises sunny periods except for Wednesday. The mountains at least will be snowy with snow showers forecast on Snowdon every day except Wednesday, though Snowdon surprisingly had no snow cover on Monday. Heavy overnight snow remember that white stuff-snow?

This image is copyright Barrie Hughes and was taken on a Halina Paulette camera.

More archive views will be published from time to time of the Deviation and the WHR Construction, as far as possible in date order, especially now I've had a 3. All early WHR reconstruction slides were stored on floppies before the appearance of iCloud! In fact the station was never reopened but the route was rebuilt through the old station 10 years later to a new t station on the site of the old GWR station.

The appeal is still open and new leaflets will be published for to support the redevelopment of boston lodge. description

The former BR station is behind the yellow brick wall across the road. With no slide info on the edge of the plastic slide mounts this has proved difficult but, after breaking open the slide mount and the discovery of image s of the edge of the transparencies, progress has been rapid though it does take a minute to scan each slide at top quality. Occasional Kodachrome film helped by having both a processing month and a slide on the cardboard mounts and I had written a catalogue of sorts for the first 6, but with agxinanyone first from Xmas my first camera Halina Paulette Xmas present or so unsorted on dodgy Ilford film.

The trouble with slides is they fall out of their boxes and get mixed up, something that modern digital photographers don't have to contend with! Sorting techniques I have used include the film type, relative position of the edgethe cut position in relation to sprocket holes etc. I've reached slide No. Any help with dates would be appreciated. Here are the first Memory fades with time so corrections are always welcome!

The first two come from March with what my records claim to be the first train of the season. Linda was in charge. I had time to get a few shots of the Deviation whilst the train lay over at Dduallt whilst on a car trip with friends from Aberystwyth University just before the Easter break. The snowy background includes the mountains above Ffestiniog.

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Againanyne Rhoslyn bridge was still under construction chah this time. After Sites dork and 3 and even 0 and -1! The latter name was appropriate as Rhoslyn lake was unfortunately for Deviationists a breeding ground for midges. Barn Cutting is behind the viewpoint and the track can be seen extending over a sheep creep and along the shelf above the lake towards Rosary site. The next photographic visit to the Deviation occurred in August and coincided with an appearance by Mountaineer on a PW train and organiser Bunny Lewis!

This was a very wet weekend and the waterfall midway along the shelf in visible just beyond the limit of the rails. The hollow was thought to be an excavation ordered by Spooner to provide fill to cross the exit of Rhoslyn lake and enter Dduallt station. The bridge had temporary parapets at this time and the Site 3 track had been sifted towards caventry centre of the spiral.

The late Bunny Lewis can be seen inspecting progress. I will always davenrty his marine style commands to move heavy lo Barn Cutting was over excavated to provide more spoil for the embankments lower down the spiral. This was my first shot of a proper FR loco on The Deviation. When the Site 2 spoil was used to create this embankment one skip-full of hard earned spoil seemed to advance the embankment less that a centimetre! This track was removed a few years later.

There appears to have been some spoil excavation from the old embankment to support the Deviation works. This area was eventually infilled with spoil from the new Moelwyn Tunnel excavation after all embankments had been widened to an appropriate width. This provides a welcome return for February Half term services on the WHR, a time when there is often snow on the route or at least the mountains.

Cchat de for the new embankment along the seaward side is in hand. The foreshore has changed markedly over recent years and the former beach here is now a salt marsh. Now that Glan-y-mor yard has seen some clearance for archaeological investigation see below usable building stone from the old Gunpowder Store will retained for future heritage projects.

Any remaining material can be used in the works access ramp or widening the embankment for the new Carriage Shed. With the final three No. The st a day service departs Caernarfon at and arrived Porthmadog at There were just the two of us again - At work daventry againanyone wanna chat text and myself. The target was to try and complete plumbing up No.

First it was to the Loco Daaventry where the ly made pipe spools were texh in a box.

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The 2 spools needed slight modification - on our visit, when they had been made up, the trial fit showed them to be slightly too long always good, you can trim to fit but not add once you've cut!! After that, it was down to the carriage shed where the tender was - or was it? We opened up and walked the length agaijanyone the assorted carriages but found no tender! Lights out, lock up and go hunting.

We found it had been shunted down the 'coal hole' the loading dock siding. With no againsnyone except for a torch, all we could do was check that the modified spools would now fit - check - and confirm the measurement for two unequal length short stubs to make up for connecting the final two tanks. These four short stubs are now ready to be welded into our purpose made ' standard' triangular train pipe flanges.

Crystal ball for Could see No. It would be nice I think you'll all agree! So all that remains now is for me to wish you, our readers, Nadolig Llawen - Happy Christmas and a peaceful, safe and healthy New Year from Team Wylfa - and thanks for following us.

Members of both the WHHR and the WHRS will be hopeful that the current work on Russell facilitates this in addition to agreements between the two managements next year. Let us hope this presages the return of Russell to the WHR inthough the gauge looks a bit narrow and the six coach rake shown may be beyond Russell's capabilities on the 1 in 40! This image is copyright WHHR and was taken on a digital camera.

Tom Bowen has found a lamp agaihanyone by the Lamp Manufacturing Company that appears identical to the lamp used on the loco during its trials on the WHR. The lamp was obtained in a private exchange.

Tom has restored several FR lamps in the past. It is intended to restore it for main line use on the loco. This image is copyright Tom Bowen and was taken on a digital camera. This view s shows the original lamp for KS mounted on the front of the bonnet. This image is courtesy Tom Bowen and was taken on a print camera. Statesman Rail outbound tours from the Cambrian.

The train ran to Bath via Coventry and Oxford. See Statesman Rail website. It was a rather wet weekend but there was snow on some of the high peaks. The rebuilding leaves a zigzag wall alongside the access on the WHR platform. Snowclad Cnicht provides an alpine backdrop.

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We made use of the newly built well wagon. This image is copyright Tony Baker and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. This has revealed the remains of the old Gunpowder Store which will be recorded before work starts. The current BLR Bala terminus is hidden away m distance from Bala town centre and the new route crosses the River Dee and ends near to the A in the south west of the town with good access to car parking. The BLR is hoping that this will put the railway much more in the public eye and increase traffic as the other end of the line at Llanuwchllyn is also hidden away on a side road at the south west end of the lake.

When sufficient data is collected to make an outline de, the project will then seek grant aid with fully costed figures. With the completion of tamping on the Penrhyndeudraeth relaying the FR Santa Specials will run to Tan-y-bwlch rather than Beddgelert for the final four days of services starting this weekend. The weather remains unseasonably mild and snow is unlikely.